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 i need some air
Interactive Art Installation
Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2018
Cement, plants, neon lighting
609 x 274 x 274 cm
The towering installation provokes you to think about the current state of Mumbai’s landscape. The city is an ever expanding, mammoth construction site.  The work is a silent cry from this city, struggling to breathe under the burgeoning cement & concrete. Paradoxically the words “i need some air” invite you into an enclosed, artificially created green oasis, allowing you to “breathe”.  A reflection of a not so distant reality, where simulations would be required to simply experience a whiff of natural, clean air in an open space.  As concrete proliferates and chlorophyll disappears, the city bears the scars of this battle, seen in the deteriorating air quality, depleting green patches and disappearing outdoor spaces. 
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