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47 pencil drawings on handmade paper
6 digital drawings, sizes variable
 Kashi Art Gallery, Kochi Art Week, Fort Kochi

The set of drawings created during the pandemic open up like a diary -  an immediate journaling of reflexes and responses – engaging with themes of isolation, displacement, migration, gender, surveillance, freedom and more.


The artist situates the "eye" as the looking glass to examine the rupture of the within and without, inside and outside, while unfolding a transcendental vision. Multiple eyes are swarming in a collective dystopian existence. The eves rove around, burgeoning and sinking, floating and flying, exploring the contradictions and the contractions of the past and the future, the social and the political, the one and the collective. The illusions traverse physical and digital worlds questioning the lens through which we construct reality.


Lakshmi's work pulls you into a sort of trance, an experiment of criticality and cognition.  She is offering you more questions than answers, asking you to think about what you see, how you saw it and why was it seen?

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